We are producers of 100% grass-fed beef log grown mushrooms. Through intensively managed rotational grazing and responsible agro forestry methods, we aim to create efficient strategies to improve our land and ecosystem in a way that mimics nature's perennial processes. Our goal is to produce good, healthy food and to share an understanding of our role in the natural world.

Back Paddock Farm is located in New Paltz, NY. Our farm was selected to participate in Glynwood's Hudson Valley Farm Business Incubator, which provides the tools and resources aspiring agricultural entrepreneurs need to develop and manage viable farm businesses in the Hudson Valley. 

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During this first year, while the young herd of Red Devon cattle at Back Paddock Farm is still growing, we are offering cuts of beef and beef shares raised by our friends and partners at Harrier Fields Farm in Schodack Landing, NY. This beef, known for consistency in tenderness and flavor, exemplifies the potential created by a strict breeding program, a focus on creating fertility and diversity in pastures, and a diet of 100% grass.

We have joined our friends at the Poughkeepsie Farm Project at every Tuesday & Saturday CSA distribution to create a well-rounded shopping experience for their members. We are so excited to build on PFP's mission to serve the Poughkeepsie Community with the addition of mushrooms and cuts of grass-fed beef to their delicious and healthy fruits & veggies. 

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